Wednesday, February 9, 2011

40K Campaigns on the Web

After getting some feedback from some guys who had recently seen the Narrative Campaigns PDF, I've decided to start a brand new section to the Going on Campaign project based on other 40k campaigns going on in the blogosphere and the interwebs in general. So, I'd like to introduce two new blogs to the blogroll on the right hand side.

Cadian 113th Shock Troops

First off we have a blog by Cundo, who was kind enough to submitted a pic for the Narrative Campaigns PDF. Currently there's a node campaign running based on a map published in White Dwarf a few years ago. If you look further back, you'll also find a few small map campaigns based GW's plastic hex map pieces. It's well worth a look, especially some of Cundo's combination artwork pictures.

Khaleraaq Wars

Next up, we have a dedicated campaign blog based on a digital hex map. It's earlier days in the campaign, but the map, the general graphics and the background is truly excellent and well worth checking out. I'd love to know how the map was created, may I can get the creator to do us a tutorial, if I can figure out how to contact them. In the meantime, check it out, it's very inspiring.

If you know of any campaign dedicated blogs or posts, please drop me a line at


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